David Herz for President
Because America is Already Great
The only liberal Republican Candidate


We hereby disclaim:

  1. Crony Capitalism
  2. VooDoo Economics
  3. A Paternalistic State
  4. Politics of Fear
  5. A Sense of Powerlessness
  6. Victimhood
  7. Guilt for being American
  8. Apologizing for America
  9. Censorship of thought or Speech
  10. Political Correctness

We hereby lay claim to:

  1. The Bill of Rights
  2. America's Greatness
  3. Smaller Government
  4. Responsible Government
  5. Our Freedom
  6. Our land of Opportunity
  7. Common Sense
  8. A Brighter Future

That's it. We're glad you came along. With your support, we'll give you the amazing life you deserve.

David R. Herz