David Herz for President
Because America is Already Great
The only liberal Republican Candidate
Because America is Already Great
David Herz for President 2016
The only liberal Republican Candidate

My Fellow Americans

Following are conversations with my fellow Americans. If we're to have a country that works as intended, we'd better get back to talking like adults. I'm happy to spend my time here with anyone who is open to a conversation, the further you are from how I think and my experiences, the better.

Izzy Kalman

I have a conversation with Izzy Kalman, the Director and driving force behindBullies2Buddies.com. Izzy explains the danger in taking on a victim mentality, and how to take the wind out of a “bully's” sails.

I learned something. I hope you will too.

Roger Madon

Roger Madon is an old friend, mentor, and advisor. In this podcast he shares his thoughts on Charlottesville, Trump, and some of his history and insight on what lead us to where we are now. I very much enjoyed our conversation and hope you get something out of it as well.

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Sharleen L Herz

Sharleen is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I couldn't think of a more fitting person to kick-off my podcast.

After thirty years as a (most beloved) dentist, she's leaving the profession. Her new direction is to help people put their best selves forward.