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Because America is Already Great
The only liberal Republican Candidate
Because America is Already Great
David Herz for President 2016
The only liberal Republican Candidate


This page touches on specific matters that Mr. Herz has had the opportunity to think and write about over the course of this campaign. To date, this represents the thoughts of the candidate, but the campaign is always willing to consider the thoughts of others on the pressing issues of our day. If you have an area of particular interest, reach out to us at issues@davidherz.org, and we'll do our best to gather some thoughts on your issue and post them here. If you already have a position paper on your special issue, shoot that along as well.


The answer is that authority has an unshakable faith in the image of virtue it calls itself. Authority knows the thousand lies and shenanigans out of which it was created. But authority does not regard these as its true character. Its true character is not what it is, but what it can induce people to believe it is. Thus, until it is led off to the guillotine for its villainies, its true character is always glory and beneficence.

Ben Hecht, Perfidy (New York: Julian Messner, Inc., 1961), 188.

This may seem a particularly cynical view of the world, but it was written in the shadow of unspeakable tragedy and horror abetted by those in positions of trust and power. But it also contains the clarion call to a direct and forthright campaign. Authority built on “lies and shenanigans” will eventually lead to a self-deluded leadership that will move society forward more by accident than plan. To have “true character,” requires a dedication to virtue instead of “the image of virtue.” It is therefore to virtue that we commend ourselves and this campaign.


I love bicycles. They are a great and responsible way to get around, and we don't do enough to support the use of them. I was for a long time satisfied with their status as vehicles with full rights to share the road, and never had an issue taking out one of my own.

More recently, however, my friends in the bicycle community have raised concerns that they don't get the respect every human should. Indeed, they are dying and harassed on the roads in unnecessary number. As Bob Mionske likes to remind us, this is not the way it has to be.

Currently, there also seems to be something of a motorist backlash against initiatives to make our roads safer and friendlier for bicycles. While I do not claim to be fully informed on the issue, Todd Litman certainly provides some perspective in his article Mythbusting: Exposing Half-Truths That Support Automobile Dependency at Planetizen.

As with any issue, this campaign's invitation to you is to find out a bit more before you decide what is right. If someone has a view other than yours, we recommend you take that as an invitation to have a dialogue and grow as a human being. It may not be the only way forward, but it is that which most respects the vision upon which our nation was founded.


Kindergarten Through High School

I have studied, involved myself, and written extensively on the topic of education. It is a topic near and dear to my heart. It is the key to America's growth and future. It is too important a topic for the Federal government to be involved.

Each student has different gifts and needs. It is pure hubris to think that a bureaucrat a thousand miles away from a classroom (and I am not talking just physical distance) can know what is best for a child. The person best situated to take care of and educate our children is the person trained to do just that, the professional teacher.

Everytime the government creates another educational mandate, the teacher's freedom to create a great educational environment is curtailed. Educational mandates from the federal government are, at best, inefficient uses of assets in pursuit of unreasonable goals. At worst, they undermine the efforts of educators, drive out a child's natural curiosity, creativity, and initiative, and leave us with another generation not sufficiently equipped for the challenges ahead.

There simply is no substitute for putting the authority back where it belongs. The Federal government will stand down.

A small staff will be retained to make sure that the good work that has been done, and the information gleaned and programs developed, are available for those who would wish to use, license or buy them.


Our current model for financing College and University education has caused costs to spiral out of control with ever more people holding ever more degrees that are worth less and less.

Naming the Enemy

While it is generating a lot of noise, the Paris attack will do nothing in our War on Terror if we do not name the enemy. We can not wage war – and we must wage war – against the threats to our way of life if we do not identify the threat. This is not a call for boots on the ground, though that can not be ruled out. Perhaps the start is challenging our so called friends to actually value what we do.

A Chilling Insight into the Heart and Mind of the Enemies of the West

This Palestinian mother's son was treated, free of charge, for his heart problem in an Israeli hospital. Watch as she...

Posted by StandWithUs on Thursday, December 4, 2014


This is simply none of the Federal government's business. Our constitution is wisely self-limiting and suggests neither a defense of marriage or an indictment thereof.

The only place marriage is relevant for the Federal government is in the area of benefits and taxation. Therefore, we will register partnerships with phased in periods of benefit sharing and estate tax exemptions. The rest we are happy to leave to the States to sort out. It's just none of the Fed's business.


Science is not bullshit. Science tells us stuff. Unfortunately, most of what is reported as “Science Says” could just as easily be “Simon Says.” The problem is most people who write about science aren't scientists themselves. They don't understand the process, and don't understand what science can and can't tell us. We see miracle cure stories all the time, but somehow we aren't all so healthy.

Now if I'm trying to sell you my miracle cure, of course I want to say “Scientists Say,” and I might make a lot of money if I can get a guy in a labcoat with an M.D. or a Ph.D. to say it. I'm not saying he's going to lie, but I might be able to get him to stretch the truth, or I might be able to convince him of things for which there isn't much real proof. Not all Ph.D.s or M.D.s get the science so much better than we do, but some get the value of their degrees and know how to market them to earn quite a good living off of those who understand even less.

But at some point in time, you have to trust someone. I'm going to suggest Dr. Ben Goldacre might be a good guy to start with. Even if you don't get the science, he'll give you a sense of the questions you should be asking yourself when you hear someone say “Scientists Say,” or “Research Says.”

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