David Herz for President
Because America is Already Great
The only liberal Republican Candidate
Because America is Already Great
David Herz for President 2016
The only liberal Republican Candidate

Terms and Conditions


These are the ideas of David R. Herz. I currently hold no public office. My organization is currently one man deep. I will give advice and make suggestions. Be smart. Just because I say something doesn't make it true or right for you. I expect you to do your own homework. I'd like us to be able to have an intelligent conversation. I believe this is the only path to a society that works.

I'm a Lawyer

I'm a lawyer, but this doesn't mean that anything on this site may be construed as legal advice. I may disagree with the courts, even the Supreme Court, but that doesn't mean I have any authority, nor does it mean that I'll represent you, or hold myself in any way responsible, because you decided to take some action based on something I might have suggested.

If you plan to make a statement by violating a law, get your lawyer on board first. I am not him.


I'm not currently soliciting donations. I don't even have a campaign bank account.

I am running this campaign like I will run the government. If there is not a reason to spend, I'm not going to find one.