The Unwritten Compact

We tend to think that others think like we do. And though we often deny it, we are shaped by and mold to the societies we find ourselves in. The result is that we live in a box, and we spend most of our political capital arguing about the shape of its edges.

Homelessness is not a Federal Issue

So many thoughts this week, but the one I want to focus on is homelessness, meaninglessness, and our drug “crisis.”

I guess my libertarian side is coming out, because I think our talking heads have it all wrong, this week Trump especially. He has suggested that the homelessness situation in some of California's cities is a disaster.

It is, but it's not his problem …

Sept. 11: Thank You

This September 11th, I'd like to just take a few moments to remember what our people died for.

They died for an idea, that idea being that individuals have rights, endowed by our creator, that these are individual rights afford to each and every person, and that these should be the foundation of every free state.

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A Common Enterprise

A Common Enterprise

Malte Wingen

So here's the thing about labor. We should celebrate those who work hard to give us the life we've got. It doesn't take a lot of imagination, or a long course in history to see that imbalances in power can lead to a pretty gruelling life for those who would be employed.

And working people fought hard and they fought justly for what should have been their natural right to organize and negotiate for fair conditions and wages.

That said, they would not have had anything to fight for if it hadn't been for the visionaries who worked hard to organize labor into productive enterprises.

Avoiding Civil War

So it looks like people are trying to point us towards a new peaceful revolution. The thing is that this is not how revolutions work. They are bloody. They lead to civil unrest, war, people killing each other in great number for stupid reasons.

And it's coming from the left. It's the thought police, the language of disgust, usually a shrill disgust from the far left declaiming that anything to its right does not see the world correctly, and further is racist, xenophobic, and malevolently aligned to keep the “good people” down.

And who are the good people?

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