Homelessness is not a Federal Issue

So many thoughts this week, but the one I want to focus on is homelessness, meaninglessness, and our drug “crisis.”

I guess my libertarian side is coming out, because I think our talking heads have it all wrong, this week Trump especially. He has suggested that the homelessness situation in some of California's cities is a disaster.

It is, but it's not his problem. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just simply doesn't translate into an entitlement to housing. The United States Constitution is designed to restrain the government from undue interference in matters that are the provenance of the state.

Sept. 11: Thank You

This September 11th, I'd like to just take a few moments to remember what our people died for.

They died for an idea, that idea being that individuals have rights, endowed by our creator, that these are individual rights afford to each and every person, and that these should be the foundation of every free state.

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A Common Enterprise

A Common Enterprise

Malte Wingen

So here's the thing about labor. We should celebrate those who work hard to give us the life we've got. It doesn't take a lot of imagination, or a long course in history to see that imbalances in power can lead to a pretty gruelling life for those who would be employed.

And working people fought hard and they fought justly for what should have been their natural right to organize and negotiate for fair conditions and wages.

That said, they would not have had anything to fight for if it hadn't been for the visionaries who worked hard to organize labor into productive enterprises.

Before the industrial revolution, most people were living on less than a dollar a day, in today's money. In other words, they were scraping by, financially anyway.

My problem is that certain people seem to be more interested in grinding axes than finding the balance that carries us forward together.

I think most of us would agree that the person who takes the big risks to build something, and foregoes a steady paycheck, and risks losing it all, probably has a right to a little more reward when he wins.

There have been more than a thousand automobile companies. Fourteen major groups survive.

The people who create these companies probably deserve at least some of the rewards they are able to reap.

And we all win for the production of oil, and coal, and steel, and cars, and buildings, and roads, and computers.

But we only all win when we can maintain a balance. It's unsustainable to continue to promise to pay people when, with advancing life expectancies, their retirements can last as long as their working years.

At the same time, we sense it's unfair that C-suite salaries have grown at a much larger pace than those of the people who “do the work.” And we're sometimes burned up when raiders come in and restructure for profits at the risk of the health of a business and the jobs that it provide.

But there's the rub. The right investor can also unlock a lot of value and find and exploit strengths in a company that weren't seen before.

My point is that we accomplish nothing by sharpening our axes. But if we are not careful, this could be our end. At some point in time, the growth of inequality does cause people to pull out the pitchforks.

And we have the last century with its many tens of millions dead to show us that this might not be a good ending place.

So my wish and my blessing for this country (and the world) this labor day, is that we find a way to be partners in growth, that we realize there is more to be gained in our common enterprise and we build from there.

Avoiding Civil War

So it looks like people are trying to point us towards a new peaceful revolution. The thing is that this is not how revolutions work. They are bloody. They lead to civil unrest, war, people killing each other in great number for stupid reasons.

And it's coming from the left. It's the thought police, the language of disgust, usually a shrill disgust from the far left declaiming that anything to its right does not see the world correctly, and further is racist, xenophobic, and malevolently aligned to keep the “good people” down.

And who are the good people?

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It's Easier to Grow a Pair Yourself Than to Try to Castrate Everyone Else

I've been inspired to write again by this video. To save you the trouble, it's a rant by a vape store clerk against a patron who happens to be wearing Trump paraphernalia.

Maybe this millenial was just having a bad day, but I'm thinking a part of this was growing up in a bubble wrapped world where he was never actually challenged to challenge his ideas. Instead, someone told him the way it's supposed to be, and he believed it, and when his world view got challenged, he cracked.

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