Instead of waiting until we wake up with a hangover on January 1, and resolving we'll never drink that hard again, I suggest we set aside some time over the holidays to look at what we really want, and why. more »

A Fairer System: Candidates we could vote FOR

A Fairer System: Candidates we could vote FOR
She was run out of Washington on a rail for suggesting that some parts of our electoral systems do not produce fair results. more »

We've Actually a Lot to Be Thankful For.

Time to Talk Turkey
Maybe it's Time for the Turkeys to Talk
What you focus on is what you get. Let's focus on what's already great about America. more »

Explaining the Election to Your Children

In the simplest terms, “You win some, you lose some.” In this case, we'll add, “Thank G-d that we're all still playing in the same league.” What the hand-wringers after this election seem to have forgotten is that there… more »

Election Day Greetings

Whatever You choose today, the best choice You can make is in Yourself. more »