It Takes a Community to . . .

I have been taken recently by questions of how the compartmentalization of societal functions (e.g. education, housing, caring for the elderly or infirm, trading or conducting business) results in an approach to those functions that neglects a basic foundation of human existence, which is that we are hard-wired to be part of communities more »

On Freedom:

America was built on people building their own lives, on having creative control, dreaming big, and producing outrageous results. Liberty, Justice and Freedom are the bedrock of our nation. more »


Those who run the police show should also be aware of the impression that those they serve are left with, and adjust their presentation to make sure the right message is received. more »

The Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East

The crisis is the Western abandonment (if it ever really possessed them) of humanitarian values in favor of empty forms and farcical bodies, bodies which assume the mantle of humanitarian concern only when it fits a particular agenda. What must be understood is that Israel stands at the front of a clash of ideas about civilization. more »

July 4, 2014

As we look around the world, we should note how exceptional the realization of this vision was and remains. The notion that our fellow countrymen are born equal to us is quite remarkable in human history. Our country was born into a world of monarchies and empires. To this day, there are castes, and slavery, and attempts by religions to dominate the political sphere. more »