The Shoemaker

After 25 years working for the phone company, Chris Donovan quit his job to follow his dream: designing women’s shoes. He spent two years in Italy at Polimoda Fashion Institute, and now faces the challenge of building a business around his unconventional creations. more »

Freedom of Expression

Those who often moan about the violation of their "rights" are often quite niggardly when it comes to affording those rights to others. We not only have a right to our beliefs, we have the right to spew them. more »

On Risk and Responsibility

Our fire, our passion, our desire to wake up in the morning can and will be kindled again. It will start with a relaxing of the standards and a return of the greats, . . . more »


Freshman Senator To His Colleagues: 'The People Despise Us All' more »

It Takes a Community to . . .

I have been taken recently by questions of how the compartmentalization of societal functions (e.g. education, housing, caring for the elderly or infirm, trading or conducting business) results in an approach to those functions that neglects a basic foundation of human existence, which is that we are hard-wired to be part of communities more »