July 4, 2014

As we look around the world, we should note how exceptional the realization of this vision was and remains. The notion that our fellow countrymen are born equal to us is quite remarkable in human history. Our country was born into a world of monarchies and empires. To this day, there are castes, and slavery, and attempts by religions to dominate the political sphere. more »

The LAX shooting

There is really nothing random in our creation of dis-empowering dependencies either, and they do a lot more damage to the human spirit and our potential as a nation, and our willingness to take care of each other. We might actually have fewer shootings if we actually personally took on making a difference, instead of irrationally expecting another half-baked law to provide some remedy. more »

Because Sometimes You Ought to Make Some Noise

For the sake of our collective future, open your mouths about the little things. If you do, you will be ready when the bigger ones come along. Confront the injustice that is in front of you today and you will not again fall prey to the hate and prejudice that consumes whole societies. If you fail to do so, the way is open for evil to flourish again. more »

On Being Children

The difference between then and now is that then it was understood that sometimes you have to be stupid to get smart, you need to screw up in order to not be one. We blew things up, played with fire, sometimes lied and got away with it, and then got caught and swore we'd never lie again. Some of us did anyway. more »