The Football Diamond

The Football Diamond
And we end up living in fear. Yelling at each other, but never really getting where the other comes from. We suffer. We're stuck in a delicate game of give and take . . . and it doesn't need to be this way. more »

Memorial Day 2017

I'm almost done reading Mr. Tuvia Tenenbom's rather depressing book The Lies They Tell. (Welcome to the real America, a place you call home but don't yet know!) One of his themes is that Americans are afraid. And it's not that we are… more »

Angry Losers

If, instead of being Angry Losers, they chose to celebrate our process, and use our vast resources to make a difference for all Americans - and not by reeducating them in "correct thinking" - we'd all be in a better place. more »

Group Think?

Why is everyone is so worked up? Is it that the left that was so willing to push its agenda down everyone else's throat is now afraid the right is going to do the same to them. On the one hand, this is a reasonable fear. We tend to think people will… more »

White Feminist

The following came across my facebook feed. My response is below: I've been a White Feminist as long as I can remember … I am beginning to learn, though, that I've always been pretty self-centered in my suffering. And guess what, white… more »