Election Day Greetings

Whatever You choose today, the best choice You can make is in Yourself. more »

The Shoemaker

After 25 years working for the phone company, Chris Donovan quit his job to follow his dream: designing women’s shoes. He spent two years in Italy at Polimoda Fashion Institute, and now faces the challenge of building a business around his unconventional creations. more »

Freedom of Expression

Those who often moan about the violation of their "rights" are often quite niggardly when it comes to affording those rights to others. We not only have a right to our beliefs, we have the right to spew them. more »

On Risk and Responsibility

Our fire, our passion, our desire to wake up in the morning can and will be kindled again. It will start with a relaxing of the standards and a return of the greats, . . . more »


Freshman Senator To His Colleagues: 'The People Despise Us All' more »