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Good Intentions, Disastrous Outcomes.

Good Intentions, Disastrous Outcomes.
This article is a specific view of the how to make it right, starting with how we've made it wrong: it seems to me if we'd been a little more libertarian in our outlook, we might never have built so much of the system that has such an unduly negative effect on the black man. more »


Instead of waiting until we wake up with a hangover on January 1, and resolving we'll never drink that hard again, I suggest we set aside some time over the holidays to look at what we really want, and why. more »

The Shoemaker

After 25 years working for the phone company, Chris Donovan quit his job to follow his dream: designing women’s shoes. He spent two years in Italy at Polimoda Fashion Institute, and now faces the challenge of building a business around his unconventional creations. more »