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Homelessness is not a Federal Issue

So many thoughts this week, but the one I want to focus on is homelessness, meaninglessness, and our drug “crisis.” I guess my libertarian side is coming out, because I think our talking heads have it all wrong, this week Trump especially. He has… more »

Sept. 11: Thank You

Remembering on September 11: Thank You more »

Avoiding Civil War

We need to stop looking at each other as enemies if we'd like to avoid another Civil War; some thoughts on how we might want to deal with each other. more »

Condolences to the McCain Family

I will leave it to the historians to argue about Senator McCain's legacy. At this point, it matters not. He has done his service. All that there is to do now is offer my condolences to his family. Every man fills a space, and for Senator McCain's… more »

Reason to be Hopeful

Reason to be Hopeful
thank G-d to all the conversations that our digital age is making possible, there is good reason to be hopeful more »