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Some Money Questions

Some Money Questions

They say the banks are flush with cash, probably better capitalized than they've ever been. So I'd like to throw some questions out since I don't feel quite competent to comment on monetary policy.

I do have a bias: I don't have too much sympathy for banks, or for much of Wall Street, or the many financial players who find a way to profit off of thin air. It particularly bothered my father that so many of these are Jews, not that it has anything to do with this.

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How to Rob the Corona Virus of its Relevance

How to Rob the Corona Virus of its Relevance

Here's the thing: What scares us about the Corona Virus is that we might be dead sooner, in some arbitrary way that wasn't already figured into our calculations.

A Stupid Fear

If you think about it, this is downright stupid.

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Homelessness is not a Federal Issue

So many thoughts this week, but the one I want to focus on is homelessness, meaninglessness, and our drug “crisis.”

I guess my libertarian side is coming out, because I think our talking heads have it all wrong, this week Trump especially. He has suggested that the homelessness situation in some of California's cities is a disaster.

It is, but it's not his problem …

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Avoiding Civil War

So it looks like people are trying to point us towards a new peaceful revolution. The thing is that this is not how revolutions work. They are bloody. They lead to civil unrest, war, people killing each other in great number for stupid reasons.

And it's coming from the left. It's the thought police, the language of disgust, usually a shrill disgust from the far left declaiming that anything to its right does not see the world correctly, and further is racist, xenophobic, and malevolently aligned to keep the “good people” down.

And who are the good people?

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Condolences to the McCain Family

I will leave it to the historians to argue about Senator McCain's legacy. At this point, it matters not. He has done his service.

All that there is to do now is offer my condolences to his family.

Every man fills a space, and for Senator McCain's family, that space is now empty.

May they be comforted by his memory. And may they live to make him proud.

It's easy to stand on the side and criticize. Whether we agreed or not, we should take heart that there are people who will step up to serve, And if we don't or didn't agree, perhaps now is the time to stop criticizing and step up.

Thank You Senator McCain for your service.