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Avoiding Civil War

So it looks like people are trying to point us towards a new peaceful revolution. The thing is that this is not how revolutions work. They are bloody. They lead to civil unrest, war, people killing each other in great number for stupid reasons.

And it's coming from the left. It's the thought police, the language of disgust, usually a shrill disgust from the far left declaiming that anything to its right does not see the world correctly, and further is racist, xenophobic, and malevolently aligned to keep the “good people” down.

And who are the good people?

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Condolences to the McCain Family

I will leave it to the historians to argue about Senator McCain's legacy. At this point, it matters not. He has done his service.

All that there is to do now is offer my condolences to his family.

Every man fills a space, and for Senator McCain's family, that space is now empty.

May they be comforted by his memory. And may they live to make him proud.

It's easy to stand on the side and criticize. Whether we agreed or not, we should take heart that there are people who will step up to serve, And if we don't or didn't agree, perhaps now is the time to stop criticizing and step up.

Thank You Senator McCain for your service.

Reason to be Hopeful

Reason to be Hopeful

Paul Dufour

So I haven't written in a while. I've created for myself a challenge so that I can responsibly fund my life and be on the road campaigning, and I've let my posts slide.

To be truthful, I also agree with a lot of what President Trump says he is trying to accomplish, and while he may be a little more brash than we might expect from a proper statesman, he's also saying what needs to be said, and confronting power structures which do not operate to our advantage.

If You Choose War . . .

If You Choose War . . .

If you want to see it as a tragedy, I'm not going to take that away from you. Tragedy is a part of the human condition. We all have our tragedies, individual, group, religious, national even.

It's what you do with that tragedy that's on you. A constructive way to deal with a tragedy might look something like asking yourself:

I (am not) like Trump

I want to start this year by distinguishing myself from Mr. Trump.

In some ways this is pretty easy. I've only ever been married to one person. I've never been questioned about consorting with prostitutes; I've never even given people cause to raise such questions.

I do my best to avoid law suits, and have yet to be sued. I've never been too big to fail. I've never lost millions. And mostly, I've never been a part of the swamp I want to drain.

And that's the problem with Mr. Trump, and most presidents going back as far as I remember. The same people tapped to right our excesses are the ones who profit from them.

I've recently watched Netflix's series Dirty Money, and Inside Job in the middle of that. And as biased as those programs may be, the truth is still that the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer, and the average guy feels screwed. Because money talks, and the people spending the most are the ones walking away with billions.

And in some ways it's harder to distinguish myself.

I really liked President Trump's State of the Union. And I did find the conduct of a number of Democrats quite shameful. For the most part, I have to agree with his direction.

But it could use some tweaking, and I'm happy to take that on.