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Let the Dreamers Dream

Let the Dreamers Dream

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It's not the Dreamers, It's the Dream

The wall is bullshit. The problem is not the wall. The problem is that we don't want to pay for you to dream.

The problem is the New Deal. The problem is narratives of victimhood and subsequent entitlement.

The answer is simple. Get the Feds out of the entitlement business. Let's start with healthcare and education; no let's start with welfare, and just to be fair, let's start at the top.

If you run a business that is too big to fail, then let's make you personally accountability for the failures. If you couldn't foresee the risks and took them anyway we'll claw back your bonuses. But let's not go so far.

Let's start with not subsidizing industry, or labor for that matter. If a job can be done by a wetback for $10 an hour, why should we pay $30.

The Kind of Dream I Can Support

If you dream of coming to work, to become American, to learn English,… Actually who cares? Even if you come to earn money to send it somewhere else, I'm okay with that.

But if you come to get free healthcare, to have someone else pay for your education or food, or to freeload here because the freeloading is better, I don't want you.

So how to create this utopia (and I get it brings an attendant evil as well). Stop the handouts, and not only to the freeloaders, to the unemployed, to the elderly, to the retired, but starting with the oil companies, banks, all the exploiters of our natural resources.

Ours is to defend and create a level playing field. It's not about guest worker regimes among (more inequality), but about creating a different bottom by removing it. Let the market sort it out.

Let the dreamers come, let them work. Let them create, let them contribute. Let them put “native” Americans to shame. Let them raise the bar. It's the only thing has ever made us better.