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Bloomberg: Just Another Democrat

Mr. Bloomberg has disappointed me. I just finished Ken Stern's book Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right, and I had a hopeful moment.

At its core, this book suggests that Americans still have a lot more that unites them than they do that divides them. The problem is that we are getting our information from silos that profit from instilling fear and demonizing our political other. We are increasingly in either red or blue neighborhoods, and are learning to see the other as pretty much evil.

And - this is all me now - we are not satisfied with the status quo; we have a sense that those in Washington have abandoned us. They are either owned by big business or have radical interest groups to answer to.

And I thought maybe Bloomberg, the Democrat who became Mayor of New York as a “Republican,” the successful businessman, might be in it because he realised the Democrats have gone too far afield. I hoped he sees that what most people want is someone from and for the middle.

I thought maybe Bloomberg is the one who could stand up and rally the Democrats back to the center. I thought maybe if he could find a hundred men of business to influence the party back to the middle, we might just have a chance.

I went into Shabbat thinking maybe I could work for him. I came out of Shabbat, and what I found on my Facebook feed was a Bloomberg ad accusing President Trump of being unhinged, and obviously asking my support to unseat this madman, and then I visited his page today, and he's just another version of the bankrupt “anything but Trump.”

And for me, that's just not a platform worth betting on. I need a vision, a platform for all Americans, not another person to thumb his nose at our President.

Memorial Day, 2018

Memorial Day, 2018

Kapil Dubey

I think it's worth honoring this day not only those who gave their lives, but also that which would compel a person to serve in the first place.

And this is an idea, enshrined in our constitution, that each and every person matters, that each voice be allowed to speak, and that we, all of us, are adult enough to be able to bear the thoughts and ideas of others, that the worst that will happen is that we will learn something.

They died that we may be free, that we may have the opportunity to take responsibility for our own lives, that we may invent, and grow, and pray, and play, and be ourselves.

And we may remember too that we made mistakes along the way, that people died and suffered who didn't need to, that people still do. But this doesn't dim the vision.

We are human. We are not perfect. But we do hold to a vision, to an ideal, to the notion that striving for it is worth our while and our lives.

And it is the men and women who have served that made this life and the near limitless opportunity before us possible.

Thank You. May we live our lives so as to honor what you have bequeathed us.

Putting the Horse Before the Cart

Putting the Horse Before the Cart

I almost bought an old skoolie today, the one you see above. I figured it would be a kick-ass way to start my listening tour. And then I ask myself if I'm not coming a little unhinged, putting the cart before the horse so to speak.

You see I only ended up checking it out because I was doing some research to be able to intelligently create the vision. I was looking for a price . . . . That's not really true either. I already knew the prices, and insurance costs, and how much daily operation could cost. Maybe I was actually looking for a deal so good I couldn't pass it up, maybe I just wanted to give myself a good kick in the ass and get things started.

Congratulations to Our 2017 Electees

Twenty one minutes until Shabbat, and I thought I'd write a quick note.

First, congratulations to all those who won a seat this week.

Second, congratulations to all those who did not. It takes something to run, and whether you win or not, and I've lost a few races, it takes something just to be in the game. And I know you are a better player for it.

As to all those who chose to yell at the sky, I invite you to get out there and talk to people, maybe run for office yourself. But I really invite you to take on talking to people rather than at them. It's time to get out of your echo chamber and into life. The world is messy. People don't think like you think, obviously. But maybe by engaging with them, you'll see that they want much the same that you do, which I hope looks something like a fair chance at a decent life affording you a certain degree of dignity.

Now we may argue about fair, and decent, and what constitutes dignity, and that's what the marketplace of ideas is for. But it's just silly to think that we are really so different.

Memorial Day 2017

I'm almost done reading Mr. Tuvia Tenenbom's rather depressing book The Lies They Tell. (Welcome to the real America,
a place you call home but don't yet know!
) One of his themes is that Americans are afraid.

And it's not that we are afraid of the rest of the world. We are afraid of ourselves. In the land that celebrates free speech, people are afraid to speak their mind, we don't want to tell you who we voted for, or what we really think for fear of how it will look.