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Putting the Horse Before the Cart

Putting the Horse Before the Cart

I almost bought an old skoolie today, the one you see above. I figured it would be a kick-ass way to start my listening tour. And then I ask myself if I'm not coming a little unhinged, putting the cart before the horse so to speak.

You see I only ended up checking it out because I was doing some research to be able to intelligently create the vision. I was looking for a price . . . . That's not really true either. I already knew the prices, and insurance costs, and how much daily operation could cost. Maybe I was actually looking for a deal so good I couldn't pass it up, maybe I just wanted to give myself a good kick in the ass and get things started.

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Congratulations to Our 2017 Electees

Twenty one minutes until Shabbat, and I thought I'd write a quick note.

First, congratulations to all those who won a seat this week.

Second, congratulations to all those who did not. It takes something to run, and whether you win or not, and I've lost a few races, it takes something just to be in the game. And I know you are a better player for it.

As to all those who chose to yell at the sky, I invite you to get out there and talk to people, maybe run for office yourself. But I really invite you to take on talking to people rather than at them. It's time to get out of your echo chamber and into life. The world is messy. People don't think like you think, obviously. But maybe by engaging with them, you'll see that they want much the same that you do, which I hope looks something like a fair chance at a decent life affording you a certain degree of dignity.

Now we may argue about fair, and decent, and what constitutes dignity, and that's what the marketplace of ideas is for. But it's just silly to think that we are really so different.

Memorial Day 2017

I'm almost done reading Mr. Tuvia Tenenbom's rather depressing book The Lies They Tell. (Welcome to the real America,
a place you call home but don't yet know!
) One of his themes is that Americans are afraid.

And it's not that we are afraid of the rest of the world. We are afraid of ourselves. In the land that celebrates free speech, people are afraid to speak their mind, we don't want to tell you who we voted for, or what we really think for fear of how it will look.

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I'm reminded particularly of my son Uriel. Sometimes, as a father, I see him going to make a move while he's playing chess, and I see a better move, and I want to help him.

I've learned not to. You see the thing is he wants to play the game on his own. When he wins, he wants the win. When he loses, he's okay with that. He doesn't want to have to wonder if he'd have won without me. He doesn't want to second guess his win.

But he doesn't want me to help his brother either.

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We've Actually a Lot to Be Thankful For.

Time to Talk Turkey
Maybe it's Time for the Turkeys to Talk

I've been listening to a lot of Tony Robbins recently. He's really clear that what you focus on is what you get. In other words how we language things has a major impact on how the world occurs for us.

I can't help opening my eyes and seeing another individual tormented by the fact that Trump will be our next president and so and so will be our next head of XYZ agency, and that the world as we know it is going to hell in a handbasket.

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