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A Crisis of Meaning/Meanness

A Crisis of Meaning/Meanness

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Let me ask you a question. What do you think about the kid who gets everything he wants, but has nothing but complaints? You know the one. He got a car on his sixteenth birthday (it's the wrong color). He goes to the Caribbean for spring break (he was on the wrong side of the island), Colorado to ski (the snow was so much better last year), and might even made it to Paris in the summer (all it did was rain).

But nothing really makes him happy. He gets too loud, too drunk, too stoned, and if he drives after and gets caught, he'll get bailed out, and complain he can't drive for six months, but probably does anyway.

Now let's take this guy: Single mom, mostly gets enough food, tickled with a new pair of sneakers on Christmas (the rest is hand-me-downs), as soon as he's old enough, takes an after school job so he can have a little bit of spending money, and some of that goes to helping out at home.

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Thank You President Trump

Thank You President Trump

It's really simple, and President Trump got it at least 90% right.

Warning: I didn't feel like helping it. My language has got a bit colorful here. If you are sensitive to mild cuss-words, please refrain from reading further.

I read this New York Times article a few days ago. You'll notice the left leaning hand wringing about this “sensitive issue.” You'll notice the doubts about whether this will help or hinder.

There is no doubt. This will help. If you want to get on with negotiations, you get the “sensitive” issues out of the way. If the other side will not negotiate in good faith, you settle the issues you can, and offer them again to come to the table. If they keep refusing, you keep settling issues. At some point in time, they get it might make sense to show up at the table.