I think Senator Sasse has nailed it in this speech. We must transform our dialogue at all levels if we want to right our Ship of State.

Freshman Senator To His Colleagues: ‘The People Despise Us All’

Ben Sasse, the last Republican freshman to address the Senate this year, said this: “No one in this body thinks the Senate is laser-focused on the most pressing issues facing the nation. No one.”

It Takes a Community to . . .

Addressing questions on the design of society's institutions, the theory being that the presence of a stronger sense of community will maximize desired outcomes.

I have been taken recently by questions of how the compartmentalization of societal functions (e.g. education, housing, caring for the elderly or infirm, trading or conducting business) results in an approach to those functions that neglects a basic foundation of human existence, which is that we are hard-wired to be

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On Freedom:

America was built on people building their own lives, on having creative control, dreaming big, and producing outrageous results. Liberty, Justice and Freedom are the bedrock of our nation. While this certainly leaves us free to be complete idiots and fail in spectacular ways, we much more often realize the best in ourselves, and have become a nation of generous, loving, helpful people, people committed to each other and to an ideal of freedom and respect.

On being asked what we got, Benjamin Franklin said

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One of my boys - Uri - has really taken to a show called American Guns. For the most part, I think this is great. The Wyatts and their crew are a great example of people living their passion. There are lessons about negotiation, fair play, employee management, good business, family relations, safety, history, and respect. The show really has a lot going for it. There is a particular respect for people who serve, which I really dig

One of the things the Wyatts do at their shop, Gunsmoke, is make guns. If you want it, and it shoots, they'll find a way to make it. If it's special to you, they'll make it more special. If it's fashion you want, you can have a gun to match your team colors or your purse.

So I found myself surprised that one item of beauty they made so disturbed me.

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The Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East

The source of the “crisis” in Gaza is finally becoming clearer to the West. This source - the jihadi mission to establish a world caliphate - is currently on view in Hamas' struggle to exterminate the Jew, this on the way to subjugating the rest of the world in the name of Islam.

But this is only a symptom of a larger crisis. Put simply, this crisis is the Western abandonment (if it ever really possessed them) of humanitarian values in favor of empty forms and farcical bodies, bodies which assume the mantle of humanitarian concern only when it fits a particular agenda.

Just a few days ago, the United States Senate passed

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