Thought for February, 2019

Now when you stack on that a system built for a different time, on a different background, assuming a different base experience, it's unlikely you're going to be in a spot to create the best results. Comments on a broken system built for another time. more »

It's Easier to Grow a Pair Yourself Than to Try to Castrate Everyone Else

It seems - to me anyway - that one bloody nose early on would go a long way in inoculating children like this against a world of imaginary hurt and aggression later on. more »

Tolerance Doesn't End at My Accepting You.

If we want to thrive, we should be taking on a much bigger context, like maybe that I have something to learn from this person across from me. more »

Condolences to the McCain Family

I will leave it to the historians to argue about Senator McCain's legacy. At this point, it matters not. He has done his service. All that there is to do now is offer my condolences to his family. Every man fills a space, and for Senator McCain's… more »

Reason to be Hopeful

Reason to be Hopeful
thank G-d to all the conversations that our digital age is making possible, there is good reason to be hopeful more »