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This Campaign is about transforming the conversation about what it means to be human and members of a greater society. This starts with three fundamental principles: Freedom, Opportunity, Security. Navigate to the blog for more on these.

It Starts with You

Your Experience changes when you stop looking to the government to fix things and powerfully take on your own life. Government Policy can certainly have a major effect, but when we keep looking over there, we forget what we can do. So we'll start by reminding you that you are your own boss.

Taking Back Your Life, Connecting with your Country

You've been sold a bill of goods, and it looks something like this:

You worked hard, borrowed to go to school, have a place to live, but if you are like most people, you don't feel like life is getting better. If anything you feel less connected than ever. And like 58 percent of Americans, you probably “don't identify with what America has become.”

You've got some good kids, have a house, but still haven't paid off your college loans, and that and the mortgage, and the credit cards, and the taxes, doesn't leave you feeling much richer at the end of the day. In fact, it feels a bit of a grind. And you're worried life isn't going to be much better for your own kids, and you remember what they said when you were a kid, about how great it is in America that each generation can have it a little better than the one that went before. But now the rich get richer, and you in the middle feel squeezed. It's scary.

Politicians come and go promising you a better life. You vote for some, against others. But nothing really gets better. Your taxes go up, the roads are still falling apart. More is spent on schools, but your kids get less: fewer art classes, closed music programs, fewer extracurricular programs, less time and space to play and explore. What they do get more of are tests, but that just means there is less teaching. For every fix, they charged you more or borrowed more. You got an extension to unemployment after the last big blow up, but no greater opportunities.

The economy might be “doing well,” but yours isn't. You're poorer, lacking security, and unhealthy. And every time Washington tries to help, some fat cat makes more money, but for the most part you're not seeing any of it.

And now, you're tired of it. For all the hope and change they tried to sell you, you're not feeling any more hopeful and not much has changed. And you're done with waiting for others to even the playing field so that you can have your fair chance. And while it's going to take some change in Washington to sort this out, you realise you can't wait that long, and you're going to have to set the stage to restore hope and bring change to your own life. And there are steps you can take, and you're ready to take them. You know that it is in your power to:

Restore Your Freedom,
Restore Your Dignity,
Experience the America You Love

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