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You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

Abraham Lincoln

The Campaigns are Closed

We are done in politics, at least for now. You are welcome to peruse the thoughts. They are as relevant now as they always were, but I have better things to do right now. Thank you all for your attention and support.

The Emperor has no Clothes

Unfortunately, the luminaries of both of our major parties are still trying to hire his tailors to make them a suit for the prom. I am here to call them out.

There are a handful of truths that our society has seemed to lose track of, to our common detriment. Two plus two does not equal five.

God and Family First

Freedom of religion is not freedom from religion. Our country is built on religious values, values of thrift, self-sufficiency, community, responsibility, charity.

We do not believe that life is a zero-sum game.

We do not believe that all is a battle for power. (Beware those who tell you this is the case; you'll discover they are usually about centering power in themselves.)

We believe life is a transcendent, magical gift: ours is to do our best with what we have been given.

We believe that the highest expression of God and life is to be in a partnership for its furtherance. Humans call this marriage, but it is the way of the world.

Family should be a part of the plan just as a course of employment might be. This was once understood to be the default case. We as a society have forgotten this.

Some would suggest—I would suggest—that our epidemic of unplanned childlessness is a bigger crisis than any other our politicians would sell to you.

We Are The Answer

It is educational malpractice to teach our children that the world is in crisis, that they are inheriting a disaster, that they are essentially on a plane bound to crash.

Humans might have made a mess of the world, but they are also the answer. Every child—every person—is a world of possibility. We have always adapted.

We must teach hope, agency, authority, accountability. We can introduce our children to various issues, but it should never be as an anxiety inducing crisis. It must be as opportunities to adapt, build, grow and create a beautiful new world.

Our ingenuity is what has always brought us forward. It's what puts the phone in your pocket, the A/C in your window, the road you travel on, the abundant food.

We are resilient. We bring the genius. Everyone of our children has a form of genius to contribute to the world. This is what we need. This is what must be taught. And the best thing we can do to move the world forward is to embrace family, children, community.

We will keep this always in the fore.


My administration will have nothing to do with psychosis affirming therapy. If a child is sick, he should be treated. Mutilation of a healthy body is about the vilest low our society has come to. We will not be party to it.

psy·cho·sis [sīˈkōsəs]
n. a severe mental condition in which thought and emotions are so affected that contact is lost with external reality. Compare with neurosis.

I am not a shrink, but this definition seems to fit.

Pride is a Sin

C.S. Lewis suggests that Pride is the “anti-god” state. When we look at the things the “Proud” try to foist upon us, we see that this is so. We would not subject our children to classic porn or bring a bunch of straight strippers into the classroom, but when it is called “Pride,” it is given a pass.

This is unacceptable. Children should be allowed to be children.

The way pride is held by many seems to me that its acceptance and the sequelae of that approach the religious. Religion does not belong in our schools. An anti-God religion even less so.

Gender Affirming Therapy

I am recasting this. For boys, it is boy things. For girls, it is girl things. Sometimes boys will want to do girl things, and sometimes girls will want to do boy things. This affirms their humanity, their autonomy, their choice. This doesn't in any way make them something they are not.

Those who would confuse our children should not be allowed to be with them.

Racism is Neither Our Way Nor Our Policy

Pursuit of Equity as currently practiced is unfair and anti-American.

Equal opportunity is our lodestone. We do not discrminate. Black lives do not matter more, nor do they matter less. I have covered this here: They're Right: Black Lives Don't Matter and address BLM as a movement here: Why BLM is Bad

Specific Local Policy Objectives - drafted for Bridgeport Mayoral Race:

School Choice

Our first objective is to make sure parents have meaningful educational choices for their children, whether this is inside or outside the public system.

And once they've chosen a school, their wishes about their children should be paramount.

Safe Streets

Sometimes consequences are important. We'll work to roll back the reforms that have scared police out of doing their jobs.

People need clear limits, not lip service that they know they can ignore.

And we can't put this on the businesses. For instance the city says it's prohibited to fill an ATV at a gas station. Does it really make sense to make a clerk at a gas station police the person who is already engaged in illegal activity? It's obnoxious.

We shouldn't have a city where people feel they can tear-ass around without any consequences.

Paving Between Elections

The power that is seems dormant for about three years, and then gets busy paving streets and showing up at events. We intend to care for you for more than six months out of every four years.

Transparency and Accountability

We welcome a charter revision commission. We welcome inquiry. We intend to work with all of our constituents to make sure we have our priorities properly aligned.

We will make it so business owners and builders, and the contractors who support them, want to do business in Bridgeport first.

Affordable Housing

I think it's a stupid issue. We should be concentrating on helping people earn better.

That and we should be encouraging marriage. Married people just put more aside.

We Will Not Support Bad Ideas

We will not support bad ideas, even if they might bring in some money.

This administration will not support a casino.

This administration will not support the offshore wind-power industry. These windmills are a disaster environmentally.

Industry is our Friend

Good Jobs provide prosperity. The best way to get good jobs is to make Bridgeport incredibly attractive to businesses.

Every business that comes to visit should know it has a friend and an advocate at city hall. Full time staff will be tasked with being this advocate.

We will also be the address for the businesses that are already here.

The Origin of this Page

This page used to be styled Herz for President. Many of my statements and positions run to the national.

This page used to have some great language about transforming and a great society, and I'm all for making America Greater, and I don't mean whiter by that. But that I even have to say something like what I don't mean is exactly the point.

Yes, I am about: Freedom, Opportunity, Security. And you can navigate to the blog for more of my thoughts, or take a gander at the growing platform or positions pages, soon to be merged.

But I wrote a post a while back that really crystallized things for me. The essence of our campaign is this:

Don't be a Blockhead

Basically, our politicians should think about what a good parent should do, informed by experts in this, and then should provide us the space to be the best parents we can be, if that's what we want. Second, they should avoid doing things that provide incentives to stupid action. That means things like:

I'll flesh out some of these ideas as we go forward. But I think this is a good start.

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